4 & 5 March 2022

Lead: Chuy Garcia → @chuygarcia92

The DAOist Mexico will be mainly focused on bringing DAO culture to the local communities. An entire event designed for entry-level web3 contributors locals, with talks in Spanish, sharing art and knowledge from the DAOverse in one of the biggest capitals of the western world. We’re also having concerts from different local talents that will add a great touch to the whole event, as well as attract artist communities.

Day 1: Conferences, concerts & afterparty

Day 2: Workshops

What's the main goal of the event?

Amplify education about DAOs, their culture, and the technological tools that many cooperatives and communities across Latin America can adopt.

One of the major limitations is the pandemic situation, so we’re trying to bring the attendee number down and promote the video livestream. People can always join the afterparty to engage with the rest of the community.

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Lead: Chuy Garcia → @chuygarcia92